The Military Dog And His Purple Heart


The photo of this injured military doc Rocky with his Purple Heart is so heart warming as it has gone viral, and his handler, Specialist Andrew Brown, narrated to ABC News the story behind their bond. For two years, Brown and Rocky had been partners, left Fort Hood for Afghanistan last October. Right after two month, they had been scanning for any compound when they had been both injured by shrapnel from an improvised explosive device.

They were flown collectively to Kandahar, Afghanistan after the explosion, where Brown and Rocky had been awarded Purple Hearts, as Brown narrated from Walter Reed hospital in Washington DC. Brown getting a husband and a father of two credits the dog Rocky for their function. The dog, Rocky was deemed an American soldier, explained Brown, adding that a dog’s rank is a single above the handler’s. He further stated that the dog does everything, and he is actually just a guy having a leash and brings Rocky to the region and let him do his thing. When he responds, Brown would have to translate that and let them know that his dog got a response there. He know how Rocky works, and he's pretty familiar with his behavioral alterations he further mentioned.

As Brown recovers and prepares for much more surgeries within the DC, he's holding onto both their Purple Hearts. Meanwhile, Rocky is thousands of miles away in Germany where he would undergo far more surgery. Brown hopes to reunite with his partner soon as he is pretty confident that Rocky has high spirits like he do. And further assures that dogs are just resilient at that. With this story acquiring a lot attention and popularity over the web and social media sites, it again clearly shows that dogs indeed are man’s most effective friend and now partner at the same time.